Soldiers and Nurses of Harkaway

The following is a list of the men and one known woman who served in World War One and had an association with Harkaway in Victoria.

The names have been taken from research in the archives of the Australian War Memorial, National Archives of Australia, newspapers, and the stone memorial, honour board and avenue of honour located at Harkaway. The list is not definitive and other names may be added as further evidence comes to light. Information on each participant and the activities on the home front will be added over time. Use the side bar to locate information on other people and events. Please contact me if you can add to the information or provide photos.

Cook, Joseph Allan
Cook, Thomas Frederick
Coote, Thomas Hugh
Cunningham, Selwyn Bruce
Davidson, J
Dean, Henry
Dean, Herbert Leslie
Dean, John (Jack)
Drummond, Daniel George
Drummond, J
Drummond, William John (Jack)
Edmondson, Alfred
Fleer, Cyril August
Fleer, Herbert Stephen
Glover, Robert Francis Dean
Halleur, Clarence
Haysey, Norman
Haysey, Robert Elsmere
Irwin, Horace Mark
Irwin, K M
Irwin, James Purser
Irwin, Walter Gray
Lucas, Keith Mackie
Lyon, Charles Hill/Hugh
McNab, A
Munro, Robert
Rae, George Frederick
Rae, Walter John
Traill, Jessie Constance Alicia
Wanke, Arthur Robert
Wanke, Frederick William (Fritz)
Way, Leslie Gordon


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